Refill not Landfill: Reusable Cup Trial at Brighton Dome

16 Oct 2019

We are excited to announce that we are trialling a reusable cup system at Brighton Dome between the 16th-22nd October 2019

At Brighton Dome, we are committed to reducing the negative environmental impact of the activities taking place in our venue. This year, we have been working towards eliminating single-use plastics on our bars by 2020. To reduce plastic use, we eliminated plastic straws and stirrers from the bar in 2018. In 2019, we eliminated single-use plastic bottles from our bars and encourage visitors and staff to use refilling stations. We have been working on finding a viable alternative to plastic cups and we are delighted to be working with Green Goblet, the UK’s largest supplier of reusable cups. 

Why work towards a reusable plastic solution?

The UK event industry generates a huge volume of waste through the widespread use of disposable plastics. It takes 500 years for plastic to degrade and whilst we make every effort to recycle our single-use plastics more than 90% of the environmental impact of disposable cups is caused by the manufacturing process. Each year, for every 1 million reusable event cups in regular use, 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions would be avoided, and 300 tonnes of waste would be saved.

A reusable cup has lower environmental impact than a single-use cup after just three uses. The cups we are we are using in this trial can be used at least 75 times. Once they reach the end of their life, the cups are down cycled to make other products such as coat hangers and ice scrappers.

How will it work?

We will serve you your first drink in a reusable cup and ask for a £1 deposit. When you are finished you can:

  • Swap it for a new one with your next drink
  • Return it to the bar and get your £1 deposit back
  • Return your cup and donate your deposit
  • Keep your cup as a souvenir!

There will be signage in the venue and staff on hand to help during the duration of this trial. We hope that with your help we can make the trial a success and switch to reusable cups long-term at our venue.

Find out more about Green Goblet or read our Environmental Policy.

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact: