Corn Exchange

The Grade I listed building is being carefully restored

Photography by Carlotta Luke 

November 2021 -  Protective sheeting has been put in place whilst the flooring in the Corn Exchange is being installed

September 2021 - Following 18 months of extensive repairs and strengthening, the scaffold has come down to reveal the stunning original timber frame.


April 2021 - Scaffolding has been removed, revealing the Corn Exchange's ornate façade on Church Street 

December 2020 - 16,000 Welsh slate tiles (weighing 55 tonnes) have been replaced on the Corn Exchange roof, to keep the building protected from weather damage 

December 2020 - 500 linear meters of solid oak cladding have been installed on the Corn Exchange walls 

December 2020 - 24 oak pilasters have been hand-made following original architect’s drawings

January 2020 - Looking into the Gallery Space through the Corn Exchange windows 

January 2020 - Close-up of the Corn Exchange’s timber frame, which is the widest timber frame building in the country

January 2020 - Structural steel tie-rods have been installed to strengthen the 200-year old timber frame to help keep it standing for another 200 years

January 2020 -This intricate frame of scaffolding known as a 'bird cage' has been installed in the Corn Exchange to allow construction workers to access the widest span timber frame in the country for the first time in over 200 years

December 2019 - The Corn Exchange’s ornate Church Street façade 

December 2019 - Close up of the building’s wooden frame taken from the new viewing balcony

June 2019 – The beautiful Corn Exchange windows 

April 2019 - Art Deco statue depicting the Roman Goddess of Agriculture standing above the Corn Exchange on Church Street has been restored 

July 2018 - The balcony at the north end of the Corn Exchange is making progress, with the essential structure in place and being boarded out.

May 2018 - Paint has been completely stripped from the roof, revealing the beautiful heritage features, and new paneling on the sides of the Corn Exchange are being installed.

March 2018 - Repairs and restoration of the historic features and roof a well underway, with paint painstakingly being stripped from the roof with 4 workers using hand tools to do so. 

January 2018 - All under-floor areas are structurally complete including backstage access areas, storage and retractable seating, meaning more space and more variety of shows.

November 2017 - All concrete flooring is now in place, and steel foundations for the fixed balcony have been installed.

July 2017 - Work continues on the underfloor areas, including backstage access and storage areas.

June 2017 - Work continues on the demolition to prepare for the new under-floor storage and flooring.

May 2017 - The builders have started work on the demolition phase, clearing and excavating the the floor to prepare for the new storage and seating spaces.

March 2017 - Corn Exchange strip-out continues with removal of all furnishings including light fixtures, wall panels and flooring. 

January 2017 - Work begins to strip the Corn Exchange of all equipment, furnishings and technical lighting to prepare for the building works to begin.