Studio Theatre

The Grade II listed theatre space is getting updated

Photography by Carlotta Luke 

November 2021 -  The decorative plaster ceiling in the Studio Theatre is being renovated 

March 2021 - PAYE Stonework and Restoration restore the exterior of the Studio Theatre

Photo of the Studio Theatre's crenelated style windows, which mimic the character of the Royal Pavilion

January 2020 - Studio Theatre ceiling 

December 2019 - The original windows in the Studio Theatre 

May 2018 - Works continue on the restoration of the Studio Theatre windows

Mar 2018 - Steel foundations for the new balcony have been installed, which will be part of the improvements to the seating areas.

Nov 2017 - Work on the ground floor beneath the Studio Theatre has started, which is set to become the new cafe to open out onto New Road.

Jul 2017 - Works continue on the Studio Theatre, including in the basement and the stairs between the entrance, Studio Bar and Studio Theatre.

Jun 2017 - The back wall of the Studio Theatre has been completely knocked through, with views into the Corn Exchange below.

May 2017 - Works on the basement of the Studio Theatre have begun, including for a new kitchen area.

Mar 2017 - The Studio Theatre has now been entirely stripped out including of flooring.

Jan 2017 - The Studio Theatre is being completely stripped of staging, seating and technical equipment and fixtures in preparation for the building works to begin.