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Accessible toilets

You’ll find RADAR key operated accessible toilets in both the ground and balcony levels of the Brighton Dome venues.

Full specifications of these toilets can be found in our access statements here or by contacting

Discussions are currently taking place to bring a Changing Places toilet to the centre of the cultural quarter in Brighton, to support the needs of people who are disabled and cannot comfortably use a standard accessible toilet. The nearest Changing Places toilet to the venue is currently The Colonnade Public Toilets, Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1EN. Find opening hours and details of local Changing Places toilets here.

Public Toilets

Over Autumn 2023, we are pleased to provide a public toilet facility at Brighton Dome. Toilet facilities and opening times are subject to change in line with events taking place. You can find the opening hours posted on signs on entrance 1 in Church Street. When we are unable to provide access to toilets alternative facilities are also offered at Brighton Library close by.

Baby Changing

Baby change tables are located in the women’s, men’s and accessible toilets.

Inclusive Toilet Policy

Everyone visiting Brighton Dome is welcome to use the toilet space which best fits their gender identity or expression. Full details of our facilities and inclusive policy can be read below.

Inclusive toilets

At Brighton Dome we put our values of respect and inclusivity at the heart of what we do and our venues are places where all visitors can feel safe and welcome.

Being able to access toilet facilities easily without fear of judgement or recrimination is key to this.

Trans men and trans women are very welcome to use the toilets marked men and women. Everyone visiting Brighton Dome is welcome to use the toilet which best fits their gender identity or expression.

Separate gender neutral self-contained facilities with toilet, sink and mirror are also available to all visitors. Our venues are historic buildings with limited public space outside of the auditoriums themselves. While we would like to be able to include some more gender neutral toilets on the site, this is not possible at this time.

Consultation about our toilet facilities and signage has been ongoing with local community and national representative groups. Following consultation and customer feedback, we are currently updating our toilet signage to remove both traditional binary male and female symbols and also the symbol previously being used to represent transgender.

Signage now includes symbols denoting the contents of the toilet space alongside the words ‘men’ or ‘women’.

The toilet spaces are intended for people who identify most closely with the gender shown on the sign and the inclusive policy is not an invitation to avoid a queue.

We thank our visitors for respecting our inclusive toilet policy and for selecting the toilet best for them based on these principles.


Safety for everyone visiting us is always our top priority. We believe our toilets are safe places for everyone to use. If any of our visitors experience behaviours that make them feel unwelcome or unsafe when using our toilets, our staff will take immediate action to investigate and deal with this.