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Make a Will Face to Face

If your needs are perhaps more complex, or you have a high value estate, or if you would just prefer to speak to an expert solicitor to write your will, then we have teamed up with Mayo Wynne Baxter.

Mayo Wynne Baxter regularly support our work at Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival. Their expert solicitors can advise you, write your will and help you pledge a percentage of your estate to our charity.

Fiona Dodd, Head of the Private Client Department tells us: “Every Will we draft at Mayo Wynne Baxter reflects the circumstances and wishes of our clients. Our experienced Will lawyers encourage every adult to make a Will and check it regularly, particularly when their circumstances change.”

Our Will writing service involves us listening to our clients and then writing a Will which reflects their personal circumstances and wishes. 

When thinking about your Will a little preparation can save a lot of time. Our specialist team will discuss the following areas with you and advise how your Will would deal with them and the associated tax implications:

  • What you own, including property, personal possessions, bank accounts, insurance policies, investments and pensions. Don’t forget foreign property
  • What your possessions are worth
  • What you can give. Your Will might not be able to deal with everything you wish to give away: for example, there are restrictions on gifts of jointly owned property and foreign assets.
  • Who you want to give it to

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Mayo Wynne Baxter's will services can make a difficult experience a little easier

Meet the Team at Mayo Wynne Baxter

Call Mayo Wynne Baxter free on 0800 84 94 101.

Alternatively, you can find a solicitor at the Law Society.


Please make sure your solicitor uses our full details.  

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