Miss Represented at Brighton Dome
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Miss Represented: Generation Now

Wed 10 Oct 2018

In 2017 Miss Represented took their acclaimed show Can You See Me Now? out on tour. A cross-art show, featuring verbatim theatre and live original songs, this production explored experiences and reflections of systems and institutions; school, the care system and Social Services. The event also featured Q&A’s, connecting with as many people as possible from all walks of life. It toured to schools, PRU’s and the University of Sussex as well arts venues in Brighton, London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Join us for a screening of the new documentary about this transformational and inspiring journey.

The second part of the night will be an intimate sharing of brand new performances by the new members of Miss Represented. Experience new creative work spanning love, beauty, friendship, self-image, loss and how it feels to be a young woman part of ‘Generation Now’.

Tickets are 'Pay What You Feel' in cash on the night