Past Event

SPECTRUM: Venue B Takeover

Mon 3 Aug 2015

Venue B is a group of young people from Brighton Youth Centre who create and organise events by teenagers for everyone. This month the group take the helm of Spectrum. Expect raw energy, humour, political savvy and huge talent. The future is very bright and quite loud too.

Skint Circus 
They kick off.

Oscar Arnell
Singer songwriter on the alt indie scene making carefully crafted songs with strong melodic choruses, blended with insightful and poetic lyrics.

Dead Weight
Hard alternative rock with tweaks of melodic and mysterious guitar riffs, harmonic and tessellated drums and bass lend the viewer with a large vibration reverberating through their bodies...

Negative Measures
High energy hardcore punk here to send out a message against fascism whilst giving a crowd the time of their lives, breaking some guitars and skin along the way.

Late Night Run

Plutonian Fire Brigade
We'll freak you out but we'll also sing you happy birthday. The music justifies the stupidity. Just juicy sounds and good gosh-darn vibes.

A local Brighton punk rock band, infusing all sorts of genres, from ska to funk. Made up of Kieran Burns, Luke Low Life, Harry Haemorrhoid and Oli Orifice.