Marc Almond looking dramatically at camera with his hands on his face, mostly in shadow

Marc Almond

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Wed 11 Sep 2024, 19:00
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Whether with his rich solo catalogue or during his time with the iconic Soft Cell, Marc Almond has always possessed a gift for introducing songs - some lesser known, others a little forgotten by time - to new audiences. This is something he continues with the release of his brand-new album I’m Not Anyone on Fri 12 July 2024.

Marc says, 'I always approach curating an album of covers with a lot of joy as it means a year or so of listening to songs, old and new, making lists from which I add or subtract songs and in the process discover, or rediscover, some half-forgotten gems. Living now in Portugal, I´ve found the time to not only reflect on my life but to also rediscover my love for music and songs. A great song can never die and should always find a new life and audience.' 

I’m Not Anyone draws from different genres, from psychedelic and prog rock to folk, gospel and soul. From Blue Cheer’s I'm The Light, to Neil Diamond’s Lonely Looking Sky (from Jonathan Livingston Seagull): a musical journey that includes King Crimson, Marmalade, Rita & The Tiaras and Johnny Rivers, all given an orchestral rock sheen by producer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Stevens who, with a small team made a mature album with a young heart. The title track, Paul Anka’s I’m Not Anyone, is the centrepiece of the album, a passionate and emotional ballad about defiance and pride with Marc’s trademark emotive drama. 

I can’t simply just sing any song', Marc says, 'I have to feel that if I could I would have written it myself… it’s just that someone else said it first, and far better than me.'