Past Event


Mon 3 Aug 2015

We love music and know how much talent there is locally, which is why we joined forces with Brighton’s favourite record shop Resident to create the Spectrum project.

Each season we present musicians from all corners of the Brighton music scene in our Studio Theatre. 

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The story of GAPS is one that flows through every electrifying strand of the music, performance and personality that define Brighton duo Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley. A series of happy accidents brought the pair together for a creative match made in heaven - but the path that led two Coventry-born former school friends and drummers to make such a mould-breaking sound is as intriguing and inspiring as their music. The duo struck gold with those first tracks, ripping a sonic curveball through the summer of 2013 - one that allied many disparate elements with total and utter cohesion.

Their singular vision for what music can and should be begins with Rachel’s soulful, folk-tinged vocal and guitar which find a perfect resolution in the immaculately placed loops, repetitions and samples that recall Steve Reich as much as Four Tet and Jon Hopkins.

Their sound found a fan in London-born house DJ and producer Maya Jane Coles. A collaborative EP followed and now GAPS are signed to I/AM/ME. GAPS debut album In, Around The Moments will be the first ever release on MJC’s own label.   

Tiger Lion

Before moving to Brighton, Clémentine Blue, aka Tiger Lion, aka superlative Michael A Grammar bassist and sometime chanteuse, was one part of French pop trio The Dancers.

Tiger Lion is an experiment in musical instinct – raw, global, tribal – overlaid with Clémentine’s luscious vocals. Tiger Lion’s new video Under Water, inspired by Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, is on YouTube now. Watch video

Astra Forward

Astra Forward is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and multi-disciplinary artist. She combines synth organ drones, alternate guitar tunings, acapella, harmonies, and electronic beats into her live performances. Astra performs live with backing vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and childhood friend, Emi Mundy. She is currently playing a few select shows around the UK as well as writing, recording, and collaborating on new projects. Watch video