Past Event
Classical Music

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra

Thu 27 Aug 2015



Variations on a Theme by

Piano Concerto No.2

Symphony No.3 (Scottish)

Another favourite by Brahms starts the seventh concert in our 91st season. The orchestra is joined by Howard Shelley to conduct the Variations on a Theme by Haydn, often known as the St Anthony Variations. There are eight variations on the original chorale.

Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No.2 was composed for his son’s 19th birthday in 1957. Uncharacteristically cheerful, it has become one of Shostakovich’s most popular works.

Mendelssohn’s famous Symphony No.3, known as the “Scottish”, concludes our programme. It was begun following a walking holiday in Scotland during his first visit to Britain in 1829, but not completed until 1842. His equally famous Hebrides Overture, which the orchestra performed last season, was written as a result of the same tour to Scotland.