Andy Zaltzman
Past Event

Andy Zaltzman

Fri 11 Sep 2015

Andy Zaltzman, the British-based half of the global smash hit topical podcast The Bugle, in which he co-lampoons the planet alongside The Daily Show’s John Oliver, returns to Brighton to take satirical commissions from you, the public.

Do you have a global gripe, a British bellyache, or a personal peeve? Are you exasperated by economics, piqued by politics, or wound up about the world? Whether it is a general grumble or a specific bleat, send in your satirico-query. Zaltzman will butter your hot potato to order, and then serve it back to you at the show which you have booked to see.

This is your chance to have the issues you care about satirised to order by one of Britain’s leading political comedians. After booking your ticket, you will receive an email with instructions for how to submit your request. Realistically, Zaltzman will not have time to satirise everyone’s pet political grievances, so make it good.

All issues considered. Give or take. Certified by the British Institute of Satirists and Lampooners. In 3D. Attend with care if allergic to contrived analogies.