Past Event

Joanna Newsom

Wed 9 Sep 2015

Plus support from Alasdair Roberts

The announcement of new album Divers and the release of its first single, Sapokanikan articulated masterfully with a video by Paul Thomas Anderson, was as monumentally significant as an otherworldly visitation; what's more, it signaled the beginning times for a calculated meteor shower of Joanna Newsom headlines that will cosmically alter the life as we know it on this Earth! 

What's one to do but sit tight and experience the ride through Divers' sci-fi sea-shanties right along with Newsom in all capacitites? Further along and down the road apiece from where she took her leave of us, Joanna Newsom plays on, for the first time within Divers' sphere, live in Europe! 

Get your tickets and get a move on now, breathe deep and equalize your today-ears to the new world of not only Divers, but all that it provides: a new set of Newsom songs, and your first opportunity to experience them with us. 

Joanna Newsom's Divers arrives October 23rd! 

Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts is a Glasgow-based musician, primarily a songwriter/composer, singer, guitarist as well as an interpreter/arranger of traditional songs and ballads. His songwriting is, at times, heavily informed by an engagement with the traditional musical culture of Scotland and beyond, among other sources. In 1996 he released his first 7” single on Will Oldham's Palace Records imprint; since then he as gone on to produce some 13 full-length albums of music, primarily working with Drag City Records of Chicago. Alasdair has collaborated with a wide variety of fellow musicians as well as with other artists including poets, puppeteers, film-makers and painters.

In 2013 he became a member of the Scottish/English folk group The Furrow Collective, along with Lucy Farrell, Rachel Newton and Emily Portman. His most recent release, simply entitled Alasdair Roberts, is a collection of ten self-written songs and was released by Drag City in early 2015. He is currently working on new material.

'A calm, precise and very beautiful record... another display of excellence from an artist in consummate control of his art.' Uncut (9/10)