Past Event

The Long Progress Bar: GAIKA DJ Set

Thu 25 Aug 2016

Cutting-edge electronic music from some of the hottest producers today. With DJ sets from GAIKA, Nkisi and Yon Eta and live performances by Ital Tek and Drill Folly. Presented by Lighthouse and Brighton Dome.

'Gaika takes the sonic textures of the streets and crafts them into brand new, glistening shapes' DAZED

Ital Tek’s Hollowed 'will give you hope, then gut you. Nothing but a victory all round.' Clash Magazine

The Long Progress Bar 2016

The music performances are part of Lighthouse’s wider programme for The Long Progress Bar 2016, a one-day festival of radical imagination, which explores new methods of empowerment, collective action and technological progress. This year The Long Progress Bar zooms in on the platforms, interfaces and resolutions needed to build a better future and ask a new generation of thought-provoking artists, activists and academics: what is progress?

During the day, Lighthouse will also present a programme of talks and screenings. Tickets can be bought for the entire event: talks, screening and music performances from Lighthouse.

Day Programme

Talks – by Aimee Cliff, associate editor of The Fader; Ash Sarkar, journalist; Roger Hiorns, Turner Prize-nominated artist; Melika Ngombe Kolongo, co-founder of NON; and philosopher and author, Nina Power.

Screenings – of work by artists David Blandy & Larry Achiampong, Embassy for the Displaced, Gazelle Twin, Kate Cooper, Lawrence Lek, Metahaven, and Sam Rolfes.

Evening Line Up


London-based beatmaker, MC and artist GAIKA released his debut mixtape and video Machine in 2015. A recent signing to WARP, the label describe his latest release, 3D, as 'Bringing together unflinching lyrics, concussive industrial percussion and apocalyptic dancehall swagger. An affront to the oppressive forces at work in the world and a strong indicator of what’s to come from and incendiary and subversive artist.'

Ital Tek (UK) – Live

Brighton-based music producer Ital Tek (aka Alan Myson) released his fifth album Hollowed in March – already cited by Clash Magazine and Headphone Commuter as a potential album of the year. Hollowed sees Myson moving away from his previous dance music album Nebula Dance, and returning to his roots, mixing real with synthesised instruments and, he says, 'focussing on the relationship between space and weight.'

Drill Folly (AUS) – Live

Drill Folly is the alias of Melbourne-born, Brighton-based, electronic music producer Sarah Phelan. Described by The Guardian as an “icily bracing industrial attack”, Drill Folly’s music is all about machinery and emotion – combustion, morphology, dependence and therapy, realised through found sound, synthesis and studio manipulation, with a warmer, existential focus at its core.

Nkisi (BE) – DJ Set

Nkisi is the alias of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, an artist, producer, DJ and co-founder of NON Records, raised in Belgium and now living in London. Her high-octane style fuses various danceable forms, from gabber to West African club tracks. As a producer, she fashions densely layered, obstinate tracks designed to trigger and question collective memories.

Yon Eta (NL) – DJ Set

Dutch producer Yon Eta (aka Maarten Brijker) takes a maximalist approach to sound while consciously striving to limit the options in the production process. The Amsterdam-based composer and DJ runs the DEVORM imprint, offering artists the opportunity to challenge their musical ideas. In recent years he has released audiovisual works in collaboration with FOAM, EYE Film Institute and Freeform Festival. He has won major awards at De Grote Prijs van Nederland (2010) and the Berlin Music Video Awards (2013).