Tim Minchin sits laughing on a stairway with his hands outstretched animatedly
Credit Damien Bennett
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In Conversation with Tim Minchin

Presented by Intelligence Squared
Tue 3 Sep 2024, 20:00
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Tim Minchin shares his advice for thriving in a meaningless universe and themes from his new book 'You Don't Have To Have A Dream'

An evening with world famous musical comedian Tim Minchin on how to thrive in a meaningless universe.

Drawing from Tim's new book You Don't Have to Have A Dream: Advice for the Incrementally Ambitious, he will share his thoughts and advice for how we can combat apathy and put our energy into doing something meaningful for ourselves and the world.

Humorously reflecting on his own struggles in life, he'll share why being unafraid to express creativity and acting with compassion to those around us can radically transform our lives for the better.

Join Tim live in conversation with journalist Helen Lewis and ask your questions in the Q&A