A Winter's Trail at Brighton Dome
Past Event

A Winter's Trail

Sun 14 Aug 2016

The crackling of the fire, the swish of autumn leaves, the smell of fresh earth and the pure beauty of the air are just some of the delicious sounds and sensations that curious explorers aged 0 to 4 will be able to discover in this hands-on exploration of the elements.

There’s a whole world of new sensations specially designed for babies and their grown-ups to explore and enjoy together. Beginning with a rhyme and a wiggle, you'll progress through different environments, each having its own colours, textures, sounds and smells — with a surprise Christmas element added to make the fun truly festive.

Relaxed Performance

Fri 16 Dec at 3.30pm is a Relaxed Performance. Relaxed Performances are specifically designed to welcome children who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including those with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability.

If you have a specific access enquiry, contact Visitor Services 01273 261525 / 541 or email access@brightondome.org