Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Heroes and Legends: More Music from the Movies at Brighton Dome
Past Event
Classical Music

Heroes and Legends - More Music from the Movies

Thu 6 Oct 2016

Experience the thrill of a live symphony orchestra performing some of the most memorable film and television themes ever written. A gargantuan feast of Hollywood glitz and glamour features music old and new written by multi-award winning composers from the golden age of cinema to the present: Elmer Bernstein, Hans Zimmer, Maurice Jarre, Miklos Rozsa, James Horner, Erich Korngold, Alexandre Desplat, Tan Dun and, of course, the godfather of the film score, John Williams.

Classic film scores include El Cid, The Magnificent Seven, Doctor Zhivago, Robin Hood and Ben Hur as well as more modern greats The Imitation Game, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Conan the Barbarian and John Williams masterpieces Harry Potter, Lincoln, Hook and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Pieces include:

Miklos RozsaEl Cid

Elmer Bernstein The Magnificent Seven

John Williams Harry Potter Suite

John Williams Raiders of the Lost Ark

John Williams Hook

John Williams Lincoln

Tan Dun Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Maurice Jarre Doctor Zhivago

James HornerTroy

Randy Edelmann Dragonheart

Basil Poledouris Conan the Barbarian

John Powell How to Train Your Dragon

Murray Gold The Musketeers

And many more...

Pete HarrisonConductor