These books are made for walking at Brighton Dome
Past Event

These Books Are Made For Walking

Wed 25 Nov 2015

These Books Are Made For Walking is a magical show. Delightfully inventive it mixes circus skills with theatre in a highly original and entertaining way.

In an old-fashioned and deserted library, three people with an unusual fondness for books meet. Together they embark on a playful journey among the stories that surround them.

High up on rickety shelving, books are piled in precarious columns. In a world of transformation and wonder, they become headdresses, slippers, a paper tutu and corset. Butterflies appear from within their pages and paper planes fly through the air.

The Montefiore Hospital and Gatwick Airport are helping us to make Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival more accessible for all. 

Relaxed Performance

Our relaxed performances are open to everyone and designed for adults and children who might find it difficult to sit quietly and still for an entire performance, or who are uncomfortable with sudden lighting changes or loud noises. During relaxed performances we don’t mind if people need to move around or come in and out of the auditorium.