Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Bring Your Own Beamer

Thu 25 Jul 2013

Find a space, invite artists, ask them to bring their projectors. Pop-up Brighton’s night of experimentation and collaboration returns.

A moving image journey of video installations and short film cinemas - starting in the historic tunnels underneath Brighton Dome leading to the Concert Hall where artists will gather to bring their own 'beamer. Here they find a place to project and share their own work. A night of collaborative moving image, projection, participation and experimentation.

Moving image artists are invited to Brighton Dome to turn up with a projector, DVD player, phone or anything that will play video. Find a place to project in the beautiful Concert Hall and project. The idea is simple but the outcome a creative free-for-all of light and colour.

The old tunnels underneath Brighton Dome are made into a curated walkthrough of video installations and short film cinemas. Artists are asked to submit ideas of installation pieces through the Pop-Up Brighton website.

Visit to take part