Night at Brighton Dome
Past Event


Thu 14 Jan 2016

A ‘new school’ folk band from Katmandu, Night dive into the rich Nepali musical culture, breathing new life into lost and endangered traditions, using rare instruments to create a stunning new sonic landscape. 

Their unique sound and original compositions are the result of extensive travels to remote parts of the country and encounters with different ethnic communities. From place to place, they were fascinated with the people, the vibrant music culture and their timeless way of life, which inspired colourful songs revolving around the daily hardships, everyday rituals and small victories in these villages. 

The title of their debut album, Ani Ukali Sangai Orali, alludes to the arduous climbing up, then descending of steep slopes, a daily reality for most villagers in Nepal. Weaving together stories, memories and melodies on a journey celebrating Nepali village life, Night re-energise traditional instruments and melodies with a decidedly contemporary flair and an excitingly unique sound.

'enthralling performances of energy and poignancy' Himalayan News

'Night brings something new to the table. They bring a refreshing honesty. They sing about the longings of the common Nepali, the ones who suffer more than heartaches' The Kathmandu Post

Watch their video Tuina ko chha hai Bhara