to a simple, rock 'n' roll ... song.
Past Event

to a simple, rock ’n’ roll . . . song.

Fri 3 Aug 2018

For tonight's performance you can download a digital PDF version of the Programme Notes here to read before the show. 

This Olivier Award-nominated production, created by one of Britain’s leading choreographers, is a gorgeously arresting triple bill. A company of fearless and otherworldly dancers are complemented by Charles Atlas's lighting design, including a stage adaptation of his multi-channel video installation, Painting by Numbers. 

Michael Clark’s latest work is, at first, a reflection on Erik Satie and his influence on Clark's mentors past and present – the dance meticulous and coolly refined. Next, commanding choreography pulsates to the punk rock of Patti Smith's landmark album, Horses. Then, a tribute to David Bowie - intricate and sublime, the mood moving from elegiac to joyously rebellious.