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Mon 6 Aug 2018

‘Votes for Life’: Should Britons living abroad keep their voting rights in the UK?

British citizens who move abroad currently lose their voting rights after 15 years. Controversially, this prevented many from voting in the EU Referendum which would have a major impact on their lives. A number of dedicated campaigners have been lobbying for many years to have the time restriction removed, and the government is now supporting a Private Member’s Bill to meet these demands and grant ‘Votes for Life’. But the bill is politically controversial and has many opponents. The Salon will provide a forum outside the constraining framework of Westminster politics for discussion of the arguments for and against the bill as it proceeds through Parliament.

The Panel:

Jane Golding - Lawyer specialising in EU law and Co-Chair of British in Europe
Charley Jarrett - Policy & Public Affairs Officer at the Electoral Reform Society
Peter Stanyon - Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators
Dr Susan Collard - Senior Lecturer in French Politics & Contemporary European Studies