Past Event

Fear and Misery Of The Third Reich

Thu 19 Jun 2014

We know the results, what we are looking for are the beginnings

Everyone knows what happened when the Nazis came to power and the world went to war. But Fear And Misery of The Third Reich by legendary German playwright Bertolt Brecht asks how did it happen? How did it affect ordinary people like us? And how can we be sure it won’t happen again? 

Firecracker – a talented group of young Brighton actors brought together by Hydrocracker Theatre, Brighton Dome and The Nightingale – triumphantly bring Brecht’s wide and wonderful array of characters to life and present a vibrant montage of ordinary life under The Nazis. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich’s ironical vignettes will leave the audience reflecting on the theatricality of tragedy, and the fatalistic plight of a host of characters fatally compromised by Nazi society.Listen to our podcast with Jem Wall and find out more about Firecracker.

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