Past Event
Classical Music


Tue 1 Jul 2014

Bach/Vivaldi Concerto in D
Mozart Orgelstück für eine Uhr KV 608
Beethoven Variations on ‘God Save the King’
Ravel Suite from Le tombeau de Couperin
Gershwin An American in ParisMasterpieces repackaged: the Calefax Reed Quintet reinterprets music from across the centuries by rescoring it for its unique line-up of instruments. From Bach’s organ transcription of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Violins and Cello to Gershwin’s super-sophisticated evocation of 1920s Paris, Calefax salutes the musical masters in its own unmistakable style.

We are pleased to announce that Brighton Dome’s Coffee Concerts series in association with Strings Attached is now part of the CAVATINA Scheme which provides free tickets for anyone aged 8 – 25 to attend classical music concerts. More information on the scheme and how to claim tickets here.