Past Event

Andy Zaltzman

Wed 4 Jun 2014

Your chance to have the issues you care about satirised to order by one of Britain’s leading political comedians.

Andy Zaltzman, the British-based half of the global smash hit topical podcast The Bugle, in which he co-lampoons the planet alongside The Daily Show’s John Oliver, returns following sold-out runs in 2011 and 2012, to take satirical commissions from you, the public.

Your ticket will entitle you to submit, via email, a request for Zaltzman to address an issue that you feel requires satirising.

Do you have a global gripe, a British bellyache, or a personal peeve? Are you exasperated by economics, piqued by politics, or wound up about the world? Whether it is a general grumble or a specific bleat, send in your satirico-query. Zaltzman will butter your hot potato to order, and then serve it back to you at the show which you have booked to see.

See below for instructions on how to submit your request. Realistically, Zaltzman will not have time to satirise everyone’s pet political grievances, so make it good.

This is all set to be the most interactive satirical stand-up show of October 2014 as Zaltzman – star of 5 Live’s7 Day Sunday, 7 Day Saturday, sundry stuff on Radio 4, and bafflingly/rightfully infrequent TV appearances (delete according to taste) – delivers freshly-hewn, individually-tailored comedic responses to the audience’s big issues.

All issues considered. Give or take. Certified by the British Institute of Satirists and Lampooners. In 3D. Attend with care if allergic to contrived analogies.

A message from Andy Zaltzman:

I am Andy Zaltzman. In the show, I will be taking satirical commissions from audience members. So, if there is an issue which you would like satirised in the show you are coming to see, send me an email to [javascript protected email address], containing:

1. Your name.

2. The date of the show you are coming to. In the subject box, ideally.

3. The issue you would like me to address. Outline, briefly, what the issue is, and why it winds you up. It could be a major global issue, or a minor local grievance; a political matter, an economic complaint, or a personal vendetta; a broad whinge about the state of things, or a targeted gripe about a specific issue that is important to you.

4. Any other information you feel may be relevant.

You do not have to request anything, of course, if you are entirely happy with the world as it is, or hate the concept of correspondence. Also, I might not be able to deal with all the commissions demanded, if too many are sent in. (Or, conversely, I might spend the entire hour replying solely to your email, if no-one else can be bothered to reply.) But this is your chance to have an issue you care about directly dealt with in a personally-tailored routine.

So make your request a good one. And send it in as soon as possible so I can crank my satire machine into action. You can even request that I address it from a specific political standpoint. Although I may well ignore that request. For obvious reasons.

There may also be a chance to raise additional issues during the show. Depending on how things go.

Thanks again for booking to see what I hope will be an entertaining and interesting show. I look forward to receiving your demands. 

Here is that email address again: [javascript protected email address],Andy Zaltzman (age 38)