Past Event

Rock Pool

Sat 3 May 2014

When a big storm whips up the sea, two creatures are left stranded in a lonely rock pool...

Prawn and Crab could not be more different. They look different, act different, and when Crab gets hungry - about every 5 minutes - it’s all Prawn can do to stop being eaten. But as the sun beats down and their little pool starts to drain away, they don’t have long to find a way of getting on and getting home.

Funny, tender, exuberant, partially-submerged theatre from award-winning company Inspector Sands.

Featuring rock music and splashy dancing!

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For children ages 3 and up (and their adults).

‘They are brilliant and reckless, precise and inventive, intelligent and frank. They are kaleidoscopic creators. Don’t miss them!’ New York Theatre Guide on Inspector Sands