Duckie at Brighton Dome
Past Event

Duckie: Mods Versus Rockers

Mon 28 Apr 2014

It’s a club
It’s a contest
It’s a punch up at the seaside

Exactly 50 years ago this month, Mods and Rockers fought their battles on the streets and beaches of Brighton. Now the cult queer vintage club peddlers Duckie recreate this historical epoch in music, dance, performance and choreography.

Hosted by Amy Lamé with DJs Readers Wifes, this Brighton Pride 2014 highlight stars a glittering array of talent, including Pink Fringe, The Caezars, Robin Whitmore, Lorraine Bowen, The Actionettes, The Two Wrongies, Black Elvis, Piney Gir, Miss High Leg Kick, Lucille Power, The Drakes and a dozen Lesley Ash clones.

Please dress appropriately and/or take advantage of our styling facilities to make sure you blend in — or stand out.

Have a listen to our latest podcast to see what mischief is in store...

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