Past Event


Thu 3 Aug 2017

A leaf is born. It grows and glows in sun and rain, but when the snow comes, it falls. Then Spring comes, and a new leaf grows...

The life story of a very special leaf takes the under-3s on a heart-warming journey through the seasons in this intimate and playful introduction to theatre for the very young. Set to a gently evocative soundscape, the changing face of nature through the year is the inspiration for an uplifting tale of growth and rebirth. At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to play among the leaves and explore the tactile world of nature.

'[The performer] is a warm and friendly Mother Nature figure, with foliage sprouting behind her ears and falling from her sleeves. She cares so much about a single leaf that she’ll cradle it in her arms and sing it to sleep, or dress it in a tailor-made mackintosh when it rains.' Children’s Theatre Reviews