Past Event

SPECTRUM: Winter Special

Tue 8 Aug 2017

Join us for a SPECTRUM winter special in the surrounds of the iconic Brighton Museum. Enjoy an evening of unplugged performances within the exhibition rooms.

Emma Gatrill is a multi-instrumentalist based in Brighton, UK. Her debut, 2012’s Chapter I, was a poignant collection of songs based around her then-latest acquisition – the harp. Subtly accompanied by various members of Brighton’s Willkommen Collective, her intricate harp playing coupled with a unique vocal fragility drew comparisons to Björk and Joni Mitchell as well as her friends and co-conspirators Rachael Dadd and Rozi Plain. Five years and hundreds of live shows with dozens of different bands later including playing clarinet for Laura Marling's Glastonbury Pyramid set, her larger-scale live ambitions fed back into the writing and recording process for Gatrill’s forthcoming second album, Cocoon, described as 'a beautiful slab of skewed folk-pop brilliance' (Line of Best Fit).

Much revered for her haunting vocals and poignant lyrics, Sharon Lewis (formerly of the female duo Pooka) performs songs from her recent album Roses At The Top. Accompanying herself on piano, guitar and ukulele, Sharon’s spellbinding music has been described as strong medicine for the soul with songs that resonate as deeply as ancient hymns.

'What I love about Sharon’s songs is that they are such a unique expression of her’s, but they are really every person’s songs, what I mean is that anyone can place themselves inside them. I am a big fan!' Anais Mitchell

M. Butterfly is the alias of Martyn Lewis, a country singer from Brighton. His songs are intimate and simple with intensely personal lyrics, singing about depression, death, love and sexuality.

Nature TV blend intricate soul and RnB influenced vocals over warbly guitars interspersed with elements of Lo-fi and world music. Underpinned by a tight 70s soaked rhythm section, the band aim to lay down only the smoothest of jams.

Hui Hue is a self taught singer/songwriter who has been influenced by folk artists and storytellers from around the world. Hui writes very intimately, sharing tales of lost innocence and a difficult childhood, but with it she brings in a sense of joy, light and hope. Her music has been described as 'haunting', 'peaceful' and 'brave".