Seance Brighton Dome
Past Event


Thu 3 Aug 2017

Happy Halloween. Climb inside our shipping container if you dare.

For twenty terrifying minutes, twenty people will experience an intense sonic performance that explores the group’s psychology. In the disorienting darkness, you'll ponder your views on superstition in this inventive, unnerving exercise in surprise and suspense by the creators of the hit shows Ring and Fiction.See our video of Brighton audiences' reactions here

‘It’s neither a haunted house attraction nor an art installation; it’s a unique investigation into superstition and a chillingly enjoyable experience’  The Scotsman ****

'Hair-raising, chilling, freaky, and quite different from anything else you’ll see' The Skinny ****

'So overwhelms the senses that you find yourself doubting what you have just experiencedThe Guardian

Please note: tickets will also be available on the door