Woman in yellow dress and two men in suits dancing in front of acoustic guitarists

Paco Peña Flamenco Dance Company: Solera

Presented by Brighton Dome
2 performances between Fri 15 & Sat 16 Nov 2024, 19:30
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Grace – distinction – age... words often used in describing the character and qualities of a well-nurtured wine... a ‘solera’ wine.

For the people in Andalucía, the word solera also depicts the subtle elegance, pose and style that a person may exude in his or her mature years.

Flamenco is not a written tradition but one handed down from one generation to the next, constantly striving to find different ways to express, so the best of performances will incorporate part of what has been created before by the great practitioners of the past, whether singers, dancers or guitarists.

If young talented artists are bursting to show off their energy and distinct creative abilities, the mature solera brought to them by older generations will enrich and refine qualities in their personality, undoubtedly helping them on the way to becoming worthy exponents of the art.

The present work aims at presenting on the stage the raw talent of young artists tempered by the elegant, understated authority of an older, wiser generation who expect - and demand (!) better expression from the youngsters, if ever they hope to reach the level of Solera