The 4 members are stood in a field, front-facing. From the left, the tall, brown-haired male violinist rests his violin on his left shoulder and wears a blue suit with blue jeans and a tie. The dark-haired male guitarist holds his acoustic guitar under his left arm and atop his bright yellow jacket, wearing floral trousers. The blonde-haired female accordionist wears her hair tied in a wavy ponytail and holds her accordion over her torso, wearing purple trousers. Lastly, the female harpist leans her arm over the top of the harp and wears a blue-fringe top with black-and-white striped trousers.


Fri 29 Nov 2024 , 20:00
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A Mythical Musical Odyssey.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting world as the mesmerising quartet, CALAN, grace our stage with their unique brand of power-folk. 

CALAN's versatility is legendary; from intimate house concerts to the grandiose Royal Albert Hall, the band have become modern day folk heroes themselves. They also notably graced operatic superstar Sir Bryn Terfel's most recent album, marking their triumphant return to the musical forefront.  

Ancient tales of Welsh mythology are meticulously brought to life, transcending the pages of folklore to resonate through the enchanting melodies of harp, guitar, fiddle, accordion, and song. This musical odyssey combines original tunes and ancient melodies unearthed from the National Library of Wales

Join us for an extraordinary evening featuring tracks from their highly anticipated album, Nefydd, that tells stories of murderous princes, thieving highwaymen, and the triumphant resurgence of the heart of Welsh folklore