Lara Ricote with her hands on either cheek and her eyes closed peacefully. She's standing clothed under a shower with water running down her face
Credit Wesley Verhoeve

Lara Ricote: Little Tiny Wet Show (baptism)

Presented by IAM
Sat 26 Oct 2024 , 19:00
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Part of Brighton Dome Comedy Festival.

You're born, you're in it, you're dead. Symbolically. Kind of. Don't think about it right now.

Right now, stay present in this moment. Stay. Present. Purchase. A. Ticket.

A sort of surreal, partially interactive, dark (like silly dark! not like edgelord dark… Or is it?) and maybe a moving comedy show about what it’s even like to live and what does it even mean to love someone if you always leave them.

Winner: Best Newcomer – Edinburgh Comedy Awards, 2022

Winner: Funny Women – Stage Awards, 2021


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