Conor O'Brien sat on a wooden chair wearing casual clothing in a white photography studio


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Mon 25 Nov 2024, 19:00
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Following the kaleidoscopic adventure of Villagers’ fifth album Fever Dreams, award-winning Dublin singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-dramatist Conor O’Brien returns with the intimate inventory, That Golden Time

The exquisite new album unfurls O’Brien’s trademark melodic flair, his gift for simultaneously vivid and subtle arrangements and lyrics that couch his hopes, fears and dreams in richly absorbing poetry.

That Golden Time takes its name from the fifth track, which doubles as the album’s lead single. I wanted the warmth of the record reflected in its title,'  O’Brien explains. 'The song also touches on a theme that keeps cropping up, of romanticism versus realism. How can you have aspirational ideas about yourself and the world around you, whilst being confronted with a harsh, cold reality? The friction interested me.'