Jimmy Carr, a white man with short black hair is sat at a white desk. He is wearing a light blue shirt and a navy blue jacket. He is laughing and has both his hands slightly raised from the desk.

Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny

2 performances between Thu 10 Apr 2025, various times
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If you like fast-paced, edgy one-liners then get ready to be happy.

Jimmy Carr is going back on tour with his brand-new show Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny.

Jimmy tells jokes, and jokes are like magnets. 

Jokes attract people, but they can also repel. 

Some people are repelled by Jimmy's dark brand of comedy. This show is not for them.

But if it's the kind of thing you like, then this is the kind of thing you’ll like.

90 minutes of solid jokes, no interval, with two shows in the same night.

Presented by Chambers Touring 

Comedy at Brighton Dome is supported by Mayo Wynne Baxter

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