Two dancers are in a spotlight on a stage. In the background you can see the empty theatre auditorium. One dancer is in all black clothing, and the other has hi-vis orange trousers with reflective stripes
Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival 2024: Sound & Vision

Wed 13 Mar 2024

Shimmy into our screening which celebrates diverse movement and music. Be prepared to be immersed in the grace and beauty of expression.

In this screening:


(Un)fit To Work

Yasmin Godo, UK • 4 mins 51 secs

A disabled mechanic embarks on an imaginative 80s Disco & Ballroom musical journey after facing rejection from a job.

Find Your Own

Francis Majekodunmi, Rachel Gildea, Vicki Hawkins, Delson Weekes, UK • 5 mins 17 secs

Explore our individual relationships with magic, and how we can use our inner magic to connect with the world and protect ourselves.


Natalie Haslam, UK • 6 mins 44 secs

Discover our link to nature, nearby green spaces and explore our ties to the forest.

Gwen And Me

Jem Clancy, UK • 2 mins 23 secs

A digital dance animation featuring a female standing and wheelchair dancer.

Isolation Doesn’t End

Felipe Pagani, Sam Castell-Ward, UK • 2 mins 58 secs

Dancer Paul Davidson explores the emotions many disabled people experienced before, during, and after lockdowns.

Mariee Siou: Circle Of Signs

Samantha Shay, Iceland • 5 mins 40 secs

A piece about the wildfires rampaging through California, climate grief and the hopeless situation left for the planet and youth to take on.

Passing Time

Tyrone Williams, UK • 1 minute 6 secs

Explore what happens when our past selves meet our future selves.

Sane Is Plain

Gemma Rigg, UK • 4 mins 15 secs

Action Man’s life is turned upside down when he gets together with a nonchalant Barbie.

The Collector

Arty Party, UK • 7 mins 55 secs

The Collector wishes to hold on to everything. The thieves in the night leave just an empty suitcase... but all is not lost.

Those Such As Myself

Malin Karlsson, Sweden • 4 mins 54 secs

An experimental film where the filmmaker encourages viewers to create their own meaning. The art is in your hands.


Francoise Doherty, Canada • 3 mins 24 secs

A highly intimate, non-verbal experimental film that finds the pinnacle of humanness in the absence of the human.

Happy Okay Mate

Tom N Rob, UK • 3 mins 59 secs

Rob arrives to collect the bins at the back door of a theatre before his eyes fall on a ‘cancelled’ theatre production.