Two people are sat on a bench with trees and bushed behind them. The woman rests her head on the mans shoulder
Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival 2024: Documentary

Sun 17 Mar 2024

A glimpse into the lives, careers and passions of learning disabled people. From reflections of a life in the Helsinki underground art scene to an exploration of Bolton’s history and future.

In this screening:


Down Home

Liz Moskowitz, Riley Engemoen, USA • 12 mins 7 secs

Elgin camp liberates learning disabled adults, offering a chance to break barriers and enjoy dancing and freedom.

Sandstone And Concrete

Headspace Bolton, UK • 4 mins 2 secs

Bolton’s history and future unfold in sepia tones, captured through its architecture, dereliction, hope, and optimism.

Twin Link

Jess Killen, UK • 3 mins 47 secs

Two twins discuss their dual diagnosis of autism with their mother and reflect upon how it affected their relationship growing up.

Time And Space

Marianne Schmidt, Sweden • 7 mins 2 secs

TSwedish-speaking Finnish artist Peter Widén reflects on his life in the Helsinki underground art scene (1960s-1970s).

Angel Meadow: The Forgotten Genesis

Jacob Cato, UK • 7 mins 44 secs

A film that questions the importance of Mancunian history and how society will remember and forget significant historical events.

Skate Spectrum

Dries Vanherwegen, Belgium • 28 mins 29 secs

In the winter of 2021 a Belgian mother of three children with autism decides to teach skateboarding to children on the autism spectrum.