A person wearing a giant paper mache head looks down to the camera. Behind them is a bright blue sky and a white brick building
Past Event
Film & Visual Arts

Oska Bright Film Festival 2024: Other Worlds

Wed 13 Mar 2024

Welcome to a shocking world that will challenge every emotion in your body. Experience the past in a ball pit, survive a spooky pet shop and see the Wi-Fi go wild.

In this screening:



Dan McGowan, UK • 13 mins 2 secs

When a new router arrives, Tom thinks it’s the end of his lockdown Wi-Fi woes. But the new router has mysterious powers.

Steve Parker

Benedict Robinson, Stephen Clarke, Tom Stubbs, UK • 9 mins 29 secs

A day in the life of a Disability Benefits Assessor, who takes delight in rejecting claimants.

Picus Viridis

Craig MacPhee, UK • 5 mins

Ness is alone with only audio instructions left by her sister and a toy woodpecker.

Our First Priority

Ariel Baska, USA • 9 mins 40 secs

A young girl goes to the doctor with a strange list of symptoms. Is it all in her head?

An Ego and I

Jesu Medina, Canada • 2 mins 30 secs

The journey of a character grappling with the aftermath of killing their own ego.

Dungeons, Goblins and Broccoli

Dan Sanguineti, Australia • 8 mins 10 secs

A group of Dungeons and Dragons players start their next quest, but their game takes a turn when a new-comer arrives.

It Was Really Hot

Maurizio Loi, Italy • 10 mins

Like when it’s really hot and you can’t breathe. When you feel bad and you think you’re living on another planet.

Vodka Pants

Josh Merritt, UK • 3 mins 18 secs

We love vodka. We love pants. So we’ve combined them and created something that is going to blow your mind (and liver!)

What I’m Hiding From You

Conor Devlin-Powell, UK • 5 mins

A journey into the claustrophobic world of masking as a neurodivergent person.

Ball-Pit. Wednesday. Lemonade.

Daniel Howard-Baker, UK • 7 mins

A boy finds solace in a ball pit, until he is sucked down into an alternate dimension and greets his older self.


Matthew Smith, UK • 7 mins 23 secs

Take a glimpse into an autistic boy’s life, showing how he can transform a usual day into an adventure.

The Customer Is Always Right

James Gale, UK • 7 mins 36 secs

Inspired by the timeless magic of 1980s Spielberg classics, explore the fears and anxieties experienced by autistic people.

A Tale Of Swords And Smoke

ArtWorks SY, UK • 6 mins 52 secs

An epic story of two young adventurers journeying across a far away land. Will they find true courage when they encounter a fire-breathing menace on their quest?