Caravan Palace

Presented by SJM Concerts
Tue 22 Oct 2024, 19:00
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Genre-defying house music, combining hedonistic dance music and virtuosic instrumentation.

Caravan Palace’s 15 year reign across genre-defying house music has seen them just as much beloved in the mainstream as in the underground electronic circuit.

Their continued dedication to innovating and developing their sound has taken them on a journey from their offbeat beginnings soundtracking vintage TV, to their early work heavily inspired by jazz and big band, all the way through to now where their combination hedonistic dance music with virtuosic use of instrumentation provide an irresistible listen to music fans across the board.

The group, world renowned for its hybrid band-and-electronics set up, said they are ecstatic to be, 'presenting the songs from our new album, as well as giving the earlier tracks a bit of a revamp.'

People who have caught one of their explosive concerts at the likes of Glastonbury, Somerset House, Coachella, or any number of venues over the years will understand how much of an exciting prospect this is, as their approach to their live sound sees an expanded array of all playing, all dancing band members that bleed infectious energy