Text reads: 'Spirit of Zap Reunion. Evoking memories of the wonderful nights, the music, all the DJs from those great nights the spirit lives on, celebrate together in this spectacular venue.' Accompanied by icons depicting: peace, zen, anarchy, recycling, a star, and nuclear radiation

The Spirit of Zap Reunion

Sat 27 Apr 2024 , 16:00
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The music and DJs who made that era what it was are coming together in the spectacular Corn Exchange, evoking memories of those wonderful nights and keeping the spirit of Zap alive.


Featuring artists:

Dave Lee (JN)
Chris Coco
Victor Simonelli
Dulcie Danger
Neil Roden
Plus Zap Trinity B2B Set

Also: Wildblood & Queenie, Alex Langley, Big Ben, Eddie Van Poppell (pussycat), and Adam Bang Tidy