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The Darkness

Wed 20 Dec 2023
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The 4 horsemen of the rockopalypse celebrate 20 years of Permission to Land

Celebrating 20 years of Permission To Land 

'It will be the best show you’ll see this year. I should know, I’m the singer and also a YouTube music expert.' – Justin Hawkins

People of Brighton – your time has come! The four horsemen of the rockopalypse are mounting their steeds for a UK tour, granting 'permission to land' to all and sundry.

In 2003, The Darkness landed with a big bang that changed the face of British rock music forever, releasing their debut album Permission To Land to almost overnight success. It topped the UK charts, going 5x Platinum and selling over 1.5 million copies in the UK alone, whilst also becoming a huge success everywhere from the USA to Australia, Germany to Japan.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, they're playing the award-winning, foot-stomping, guitar-wailing, groove-making masterpiece in full. They’ll blast their way through all of Permission To Land’s 11 tracks, including of course the iconic I Believe In A Thing Called Love. That splendid confection of rock brilliance will be followed by a bonus ‘Best Of The Rest’ set, stuffed to the gills with all the hits and fan favourites from their six subsequent studio albums.

Since their comeback in 2015, The Darkness have risen to ever greater heights. Their latest album Motorheart (2021) catapulted them straight back onto the upper echelons of festival bills such as Download and saw them pack arenas with fervent fans hungry for the band’s return to the stage. In tandem with 2022's touring, their fabulous frontman Justin was quickly becoming the internet’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll personality with his highly revered Justin Hawkins Rides Again podcast.

The 20th anniversary of Permission to Land brings The Darkness full circle. They're as hot on rock fans' lips as they were all those years ago, with sold-out arena shows and billings alongside Guns N' Roses and KISS this summer. 

So don’t delay, fire up your engines and you too will no longer be crying in despair at having missed out on the hottest tickets in town

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