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Trans Women Exist - This is Not a debate

Mon 27 Feb 2017

A performance by theatre and live artist Emma Frankland exploring the ongoing tensions between Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists and Trans (including Non Binary) people.

Some high profile figures are continually provided with a platform from which to express their views about trans lives - particularly trans women - which many people perceive as inflammatory and violent. In this performance, Emma will respond to this rhetoric and the idea that the very existence of trans women is up for debate.Praise for previous work:

‘a wonderful, warm contemplation on change’
Lyn Gardner

'Emma Frankland’s euphoric Rituals for Change is [a] near-perfect twinning of content and form. A hymn to mutability, an earthy, messy sacrament to constant evolution and alteration, it charts her gender transition in a series of gnomic, interlocking actions.'
* * * * * The Stage

'This is a private, beautiful, evocative piece of theatre. It is story-telling at its simplest and bravest.'
Liz Allum, British Theatre Guide