Past Event

Bec and Tom's Awesome Laundry

Mon 8 Dec 2014

Please be aware that your journey to Brighton Dome may be affected on Sun 12 Apr due to Brighton Marathon road closures. Click here for more information on Brighton and Hove busesOh pants! It’s laundry day! But Bec and Tom have other ideas...*

Join the pair in a world of silliness, make-believe and bad celebrity impersonations. This critically-acclaimed family comedy show blends storytelling, games and paper puppetry with a large helping of silliness.

A story of friendship, courage and persistence, but most of all fun. A sketch show for cool kids by childish adults.

*Warning: Ideas may contain awesomeness.

‘By far the best kids show I've seen in Edinburgh is Bec and Tom with their awesome laundry at the gilded balloon 5*’ Alan Davies

‘GOT KIDS? IN EDINBURGH?saw Bec and Tom 's Awesome Laundry. Wonderful show for kids that parents can thoroughly enjoy too.’ ShappiKhorsandi

‘...the hour simply flies by as these exceptional comedians perform.’ Edinburgh Evening News

‘If you like hilarious, fun packed comedy sketches, then you’ll love Bec and Tom’s Awesome Laundry. It’s not just for kids, adults will find it funny too.’ Fest

‘It was a fantastic show that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of CBBC comedy.’ The Primary Times

Suitable for all age 5+