Past Event

The Works

Wed 7 Jan 2015

About the pieces:Tea with your Ancestors
Alice Human

Tea with your ancestors is both a playful and sincere exploration of past. A dedication to our ancestors and a universal life force. A poetic, emotive and sometimes surreally comic solo piece that explores the interaction of both live and recorded sounds. How can we capture the qualities of what was? what does spirituality mean for us and how do we process being born and dying’

Guide To The Perfect Dinner Party
Non Applicables

Two hostess guides take you through a journey of hosting a dinner party from the comfort of your own home. They teach lessons in deportment, how to sit, expected female roles and domesticities. The work embodies a resuscitation of elegant history and femininity but don’t dismay all is not what you might expect from these ‘perfect hostesses’.

Motherhood: the (Un)speakable (Un)spoken
Devised and Performed By Joanna Rosenfeld
Devised and Directed By Kath Burlinson
In Association with The Authentic Artist Collective

An attempt:
To investigate Motherhood through performance, spoken word, sound ,recordings, live painting, mask, and movement.
To allow light and shadow.
To be open.
To be honest.
To be true.

About The Works:

The Works is an opportunity for artists to present their work in development on Wed 4 Mar. The particular focus is cross-artform and interdisciplinary exploration across theatre, dance and music.

At the heart of The Works is a dialogue between artists and audiences. It is an opportunity for artists to seek the opinions of the audience they wish to attract, and an opportunity for people who care about performance to engage in collective dramaturgy, supporting artists to envisage the choices and possibilities available to them.

Dramaturg Lou Cope will be the host and facilitator for the evening, presenting excerpts by both established and emerging artists from across the region. This is the second event in The Works series.

'The Works provided a fantastic and very useful platform for Near Gone- our current work- at a crucial time in its development. We felt very well supported and we left full of intelligent comments, positivity and the audience seemed to leave hungry for the fully completed piece - so we look forward to meeting them again!' Two Destination Language – Near Gone

'Coming from a classical/ free-improv/experimental music background, presenting at The Works was an incredibly illuminating and invaluable experience for me and for the development of my creative practice. I cannot think of a better environment in which to test and challenge one's artistic ideas.' Elaine Mitchener – Industrialising: ntəməsi

'The Works provided us with an opportunity to experiment and take our work to a new audience in a way that was challenging, welcoming at the same time. We felt we were really well taken care of and see this experience as a huge turning point in the way we develop our work.' Needless Alley - In Embryo

'Participating to the Works at Brighton Dome was a full on feedback experience. I could show my work, gather individual feedback and initiate an in depth discussion with the audience in a group session. Many details came up about my work which helped me fine tuning my next developments. People came to the event full of interest, enthusiastically and generously giving their time and thoughts to help me analyse my work. I am impressed.' Tommaso Perego - I Hear U See Me