Laura Marling at Brighton Dome
Past Event

Laura Marling

Mon 28 Nov 2016

There is a line from Virgil’s epic poem The Aeneid that nearly a decade ago Laura Marling decided to have tattooed on her leg: 'Varium et mutabile semper femina' it runs, translating roughly as 'A woman is an ever fickle and changeable thing.'

Realizing that the line was a little long for the limb, at the very last moment she opted instead for an abbreviation: 'Semper femina' she chose: 'Always a woman.'

It makes a fitting and fascinating title for Marling’s sixth album — an intimate, devoted exploration of femininity and female relationships, and among her finest work to date. Written largely on the tour that followed her 2015 album Short Movie and recorded in Los Angeles with production from Blake Mills, it is at once a distinctive and musically compelling collection of songs, run through with Marling’s fierce intelligence; a keen, beautiful and unparalleled take on womanhood.

Semper Femina is Laura’s sixth studio album in a little over nine years. It is a record that addresses questions of how society views sexuality and gender but without seeking to provide definitive answers. It retains an openness to express and portray her own ‘voyage’ of self-discovery, but also to develop and learn as artist, performer, and as an individual over the course of her career.

A rich and enriching listen, Semper Femina is a typically mature and raw listen by one of our most talented and prolific young musicians of a generation.

Following the album's release on Fri 10 Mar 2017, Laura will be performing live at Brighton Dome on Thu 16 Mar, showcasing her new material in characteristically emotional style.