Herbert at Brighton Dome
Past Event


Tue 28 Jul 2015

Matthew Herbert (One Pig, Brighton Festival 2012) has spent the last twenty years splitting opinion thanks to his use of everyday objects, concept albums on contentious issues and prolific recordings, production and remix credits under different names. 

For this show Matthew revisits his Herbert incarnation from the mid-nineties and goes back to the roots of house music in all of its forms - from the deep, intimate end, to the jump around end. His line-up has its beginnings in a club set with a variety of singers, but he has also been known to introduce a super-tight horn section or even a live orchestra into the musical mix. 

The most ambitious performance that Matthew Herbert has put together (and that’s saying something), expect a heightened sense of theatricality, with costumes by a leading UK designer and lighting and stage design from collaborators who work regularly at the National Theatre and Royal Opera House.


Electronic pioneer Herbert returned this year with new album The Shakes, his first dance album in almost a decade, and his first under the name Herbert since 2006’s Scale. In the past he’s made music out of pig bones (One Pig), exploding bombs (The End Of Silence), and he’s now the Creative Director of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop; The Shakes is something of a sequel to his much-lauded Bodily Functions album, but deals with deeply personal issues, through what Herbert calls “electronic music for the soul”. He’s also directed a play at the National Theatre, staged his opera at the Royal Opera House, scored a film for the BFI and recorded an album in seven days live on stage with an audience at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

Matthew Herbert has recorded under several names including Doctor Rockit, Wishmountain and The Matthew Herbert Big Band and it was under one of these monikers – Wishmountain – that he began recording using everyday objects such as pepper pots, video-cassettes and crisp packets.

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