Past Event

animal / vegetable / mineral

Mon 8 Dec 2014

Hailed as ‘British dance’s true iconoclast’, Michael Clark is a defining cultural figure. Since emerging in the 1980s as a prodigy at London’s Royal Ballet School, he has remained at the forefront of innovation in dance. From the outset, Clark’s performances have been marked by a mixture of technical rigour and experimentation, intense and fine-tuned choreography intersecting with elements of punk, Dada, pop and rock.

animal / vegetable / mineral continues Clark's history of close collaboration with contemporary artists, designers and musicians and includes music by Relaxed Muscle, ScrittiPolitti and Sex Pistols.


Alongside this performance Michael Clark Company is offering workshops taught by experienced company dancers to local schools and colleges. Aimed at young professional dancers or those in training with strong classical and/or contemporary technique these workshops offer an opportunity to experience a professional level class and gain a basic introduction to some of the technical aspects required by Michael Clark’s choreography. Suitable for ages 14 and above.