China Moses
Past Event

FUNK: A Music Revolution

Mon 9 Dec 2019

Led by James Brown’s MD, renowned saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis and co-curated with singer China Moses, FUNK: A Music Revolution celebrates funk’s influence from its early days to latest sounds.

“From 1967 when Mr. Brown and I wrote "Cold Sweat" until today, Funk has been woven into the DNA of popular music. We want to tell that story.” - Pee Wee Ellis

Featuring groundbreaking songs Cold Sweat and Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud, the ten-piece band journey through six decades of music. Hear new arrangements of the funk classics, riffs and samples that have influenced popular music from disco to afro beat to hip hop. UK street dance group The Locksmiths join the stage.

Bring on the FUNK.

Line up:

Band Leader and MD Pee Wee Ellis

Vocals China Moses + plus guest OMAR

Guitar Tony Remy

Rapper Lady Sanity


Sax Pee Wee Ellis

Sax Camilla George

 Trombone Dennis Rollins

Keys Dan Moore

Bass Neville Malcolm

Drums Daru Jones

Dance company The Locksmiths dance co

Download the Free Sheet here