Past Event

The Irrepressibles

Mon 4 Nov 2013

The Irrepressibles are the Art-Pop collective created by artist / composer / vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Jamie Irrepressible. Their debut album Mirror Mirror (2010) featuring the seminal In This Shirt received much critical acclaim internationally and is now considered a must have album in the baroque pop genre.

Their sophomore album the homo-iconic record Nude (2013) fused modern electronica and orchestration with a dark retro aesthetic and has expanded the bands international fan base to the Americas, Eastern Europe and Asia with its boldness and beautiful honesty described by The Independent as “an act of bravery in a cowardly world” and applauded critically world wide.

The Irrepressibles have collaborated or have been remixed by Royksopp, iamamiwhoami, Hercules and Love Affair, and even created music for Danish company Hotel Pro Forma's touring, and now award winning opera, War Sum Up which featured as part of last years' Brighton Festival.

In October 2013 The Irrepressibles released the first of three EPs expanding on their second studio album Nude, titled Nude : Landscapes, moving from intensely emotional minimalism to symphonic landscapes. The band then took to the road across the UK, Europe and the US performing intimate sets in beautiful locations - Jamie's crooner to counter tenor voice surrounded by piano, acoustic guitar, violin, and cello with loop pedals.

Their most recent EP Nude : Viscera brings together influences from New Wave, Grunge, and Exotica into a darkly sensual and at times playfully chaotic mix. Initial comparisons have been made to the later works of Jeff Buckley, Lou Reed, Yma Sumac and early works of PJ Harvey.