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Mouth Open, Story Jump Out

Tue 10 Dec 2013

Polarbear makes things up; stories, jokes, adventures – a master makerupper. But where did it all begin? Mouth Open, Story Jump Out is about the moment that started it all, and how his imagination set off a chain reaction that changed his life forever.

After Polarbear's father disappears one day, he finds himself pre-occupied with fantasies of what he might be doing. Could it involve international assassins? Secret codes? Dog-eating boa constrictors?

One thing's for sure. He needs your help telling the story, and you might just leave with a story of your own in the making...

Polarbear is a leading spoken-word artist and author. 

Read an interview with Polarbear about Mouth Open, Story Jump Out at Brighton Dome

'The audience were thoroughly invested in Polarbear's tale, fighting over small details and full of questions at the end.' Irish Times ****

'A great blend of interaction, story-telling, and - most importantly - of story inspiration for any little person you may know.'

Watch the trailer here

Supported by Arts Council England

Please note that the 4pm performance on Mon 24 Mar has been cancelled.