Past Event

Sean Kelly Live!

Thu 21 May 2015

Auctioneering Star of the huge hit TV show, Storage Hunters, Sean Kelly first found a taste of fame through stand-up comedy over 15 years ago. Now he brings his live comedy debut to the UK!

Sean Kelly has led an unusual life. He grew up in Germany, spent his teenage years in Italy, has worked a Sales Trainer, Publisher, Producer, Stand-up Comedian, Auctioneer, TV presenter, Motivational Speaker, and served an army combat tour in Iraq. So you may know him as the high-speed-ever-smiling auctioneer and presenter of Storage Hunters, but prepare to learn a hell of a lot more in this candid and hilarious debut show!

On top of that, also see him do his legendary calling live in an auction for charity with items brought along by the audience.

Sean has been writing and performing his stand-up comedy act for over 15 years. Sean has headlined the MGM in Las Vegas every summer for the past 3 years. From 2001 to 2009 Sean produced and starred on 7 stand up shows a week for 8 consecutive years, where he performed his act for over 500,000 people.